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EMT Cheryl KieferThe Cheryl Kiefer Memorial Scholarship Fund was established at the request of Cheryl’s parents, Ron and Kathy Kiefer.


On January 26, 2008 Cheryl, who was 23 years of age, volunteered to come in to work at 1:00 am during a winter storm to transport a patient from Jackson to a hospital in Auburn Hills.  On their return trip, she and her partner witnessed an out-of-control car slide into the ditch on I-94 near Kalmbach Road.   They stopped to check on the driver.  Cheryl was down in the ditch checking her when another car spun out of control, rolled over, and struck Cheryl, pinning her in the wreckage.  After heroic life saving measures and a lengthy resuscitation effort by Cheryl’s co-workers and staff at the hospital trauma center, Cheryl was unable to survive.  She is sadly missed by all of us, Cheryl leaves us with a renewed sense of commitment to the field of EMS and helping people.  


Cheryl was described by her co-workers and family as a young, energetic woman who had found her calling in life in EMS.  She had completed her EMT education and was arranging to attend paramedic school.  Cheryl was always talkative and upbeat.  On her MySpace page, she had posted the following slogan:  “If today is not that good, tomorrow will be better”.  This scholarship will help students with similar upbeat traits to start a career in Emergency Medical Service.


Fund Purpose:  The Cheryl Kiefer Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to assist students with tuition while attending Emergency Medical Technician training. The program is funded by memorial contributions and Huron Valley Ambulance.


Administration of the Scholarship Fund: 



Scholarship Fund Application:  Click Here.

If you have questions about this scholarship program, please call HVA Center for EMS Education program manager Shaun Pochik at 734-477-6731 or email him at spochik@hva.org.


The Cheryl Kiefer Scholarship Program is made possible by contributions in memory of Cheryl Kiefer, and by the Huron Valley Ambulance Board of Trustees.  If you are interested in contributing to this fund to educate EMT students, please contact HVA community relations at 734-477-6218.